AM.PM. opens new showroom at Cimen

AM.PM. opens new showroom at Cimen


AM.PM. opens new showroom at Cimen

On September 22th, 2015 the flagship showroom AM.PM opened its doors in a brand new luxury mall of the Cimen chain in Shanghai. The recognized worldwide design agency Atelier Markgraph from Frankfurt that creates visual patterns for the exhibitions and Mercedes Benz showrooms used the area of 250 sq.m. to embody the main idea of the AM.PM brand – to constantly surprise and delight their customers, turning bathroom into a place for emotions and pleasure.

Provocative and a little daring showroom surprises visitors with innovative and attractive design. AM.PM products illuminated by the stage light that snatch them out of the pleasant semi-darkness become the real centre of attention and provoke people to dream of a new rapturing bathroom. One of the main design elements is the dynamic lamellae which conseal content like lace, giving only a hint and encouraging to see more. Each of these walls hide different AM.PM collection that provoke to experience the whole range of emotions. Instead of static setting we use so-called digital wallpaper for communication – the moody video presented on seven huge synchronized screens. The first visitors noted that it is impossible to resist the temptation to discover the designer collections of the brand, and explore the whole area of the AM.PM showroom.

Showroom’s target audiences are the professional designers. For their comfort the space creates all necessary conditions for harmonic work. It is not just a convenient AM-PM shop, but also a place where designers can get new experience and inspiration.

Showroom presents all of the flagship brand collections awarded by the most prestigious design prizes: Admire, Inspire, and Spirit, along with 2015 newest Sensation collection, first presented on the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt-am-Mein. Apart from that the work zone of the showroom offers a product demonstration, designed for project supplies, and installation solutions, including innovative wall-mounted mixers installation module – MultiBox.

Motto of Cimen mall: “Let art be the part of life and life be art itself”. That’s why it’s interior is full of statues, pictures, and other items of art. And among all of those the customers mentioned AM-PM showroom, situated on the mall’s fourth floor, as the most attractive and inspirational. Unavoidable to mention, that new Cimen mall presents only international premium brands of time-proved design and quality. AM-PM truly earned its place among them, giving so much happiness and new emotions to the customers!

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