Mosbuild 2012 results

Mosbuild 2012 results


Mosbuild 2012 results

The Mosbuild 2012 exhibition, traditionally main event of sanitary branch which is setting the fashion to all year came to the end. Without exaggeration it is possible to tell that at this exhibition production of the Aquaart Group company became one of the main events of branch!

At separate booths in total area of 190 sq.m Aquaart Group presented two own, powerful brands: young and bright AM.PM and possessing 80-year history and irreproachable reputation in the market Damixa. Both booths were united by the general idea – АМ.РМ, and Damixa presented on appraisal of professionals products which are capable to make a bathroom the most important place in the house.

Nobody from visitors of exhibition remained indifferent: our booths and products were the most interesting, amazing and caused admiration of clients. We showed grandiose world premieres: the new Rowan collection from Damixa which presentation was carried out within celebration of the 80 anniversary of a brand, and innovative, first class products of the most star AM.PM collections – Inspire, Serenity and, of course, the most refined and magnificent Admire.

The new line of Clover Easy mixers from Damixa and new AM.PM bath tubs of the Admire collection became the loudest premieres according to responses of visitors of exhibition.

Tremendous Bathroom Party from Aquaart Group– party organized in a museum of Avtovill retro cars for the best partners of the company became the culmination of Mosbuild. The presentation of two tremendous brands - "young", modern, vigorous and creative AM.PM and already serious, with history and reputation of a brand of Damixa was the purpose of an event. Comparison of courage, impudence and traditions with world, innovative experience. The leaders of the evening were divided into two teams - team Cheerful from AM.PM which represented inimitable Alexander Tatischev (the manager on key clients of the DIY channel) and Mikhail Arinin (the manager on key clients of the LUX channel) with charming Nina Faynitskaya (the categorical manager of Wellness), and team Clever from Damixa led by Lars Bladt (The president of the Damixa company) and magnificent Victor Sorin (the brand manager of Damixa). Leaders told to the gathered about results of this year and new strategic objectives of Aquaart Group in the CIS and around the world. In an hour guests experienced all enthusiasm of a cheerful brand of AM.PM, gravity of a clever brand of Damixa, power of business ideas of Aquaart Group!

Evening came to the end with presentation of the traditional award Aquaart Best Dealers Award created by the company especially for the best clients. This year the winners became:

Category of the Year - the Agava (Kazan). For 2011 the gain in category Mixers made 64 %.
Advertizing campaign of the year - Aquarius (Krasnoyarsk). Some large showrooms were built. The project of the year – Epicentre (Kiev). The most beautiful showrooms, realized within a year. Opening of the year – Akvaplaza (Moscow). 2 showrooms of 25 sq.m and one more project at a realization stage.

All winners 2011 gained an opportunity to equip the real bathroom of Inspire in their own houses, so on a step to come nearer to execution of our common goal – to make a bathroom the most important place in each home!

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