AM.PM opens new showroom In Shanghai

AM.PM opens new showroom In Shanghai


AM.PM opens new showroom In Shanghai

On June 5, 2015 the international sanitary brand AM.PM presented the new mono-brand showroom in Shanghai. The grand opening of the showroom took place during the professional exhibition KBC. Designers, architects and industry experts were able to assess trends and bestsellers of the brand that were exhibited in a trendy space called Cool Docks. After the opening ceremony the festive event with the participation of guest stars and artists took place. Also a charity program to help schools for children was launched. AM.PM successfully started to implement this program with its dealer Ferox.

The grand opening of the first monobrand AM.PM showroom in China was held on June 5, 2015 during the International Exhibition Kitchen & Bath China 2015. The showroom occupied an area of 100 sq m in Cool Docks (the popular district of Shanghai), and embodied the German trends and European style of interior decoration.

AM-PM engaged two design studios from different parts of Europe to work at one project in order to create the showroom, so that every participant could put the experience and passion to the creation of the unique space where visitors could feel that the bathroom is the place for emotions.

There are the most successful products and the latest novelties that became sensation at international exhibitions in recent years presented in the AM.PM showroom. Among them there are collections of bestsellers like Inspire, Bliss L and Spirit, the top-of-the-range collection Admire and the main premiere of this year - the Sensation collection. Here you can find everything you need for a bathroom for every taste and budget: from sanitary ware and wellness to mixers and accessories.

The main novelty of 2015 that has luxurious, incredible design and an amazing combination of the best technical performance - the Sensation collection - has become one of the main center of attraction in the AM.PM showroom. Each product of the collection is the continuation of the previous whether it is wall mounted ceramics, elegant shower enclosures, spacious baths, mixers, shower program, furniture or accessories.

To create the Sensation collection we engaged two design teams: the innovative design studio DanelonMeroni (England) that brought interior trends to the biggest and the most important bathroom products of this collection, and GP Partners studio (Denmark) that complemented the line with ideally projected details in a surprisingly good and harmonic way.

Developed by famous design studio Gneiss Group, the luxury collection Admire is the flagship of AM.PM line in ultrapremium segment, which combines ultramodern design and impeccable functionality. To produce Admire products AM-PM uses the materials of the highest quality- exquisite porcelain, natural veneer of fashionable colors, marble, sandwich panels, designed for luxury cabins of cruise ships, and world-class sound-absorbing materials. Innovative Admire Suite, which consists of the WC module, sauna and shower cabin, has become the most stunning and high-tech product in the line. Most innovative module of Admire Suite - is WC Suite combines the most advanced technologies and excellent quality materials. Completely soundproof, it is easy to install anywhere in the house and has a healing effect, it is non-toxic, solid and longlasting. The showroom presents all product categories: wellness, ceramics, mixers, accessories and bathroom furniture.

Also, in the showroom was presented the most titled collection of the brand - Inspire. Design of Inspire was developed by one of the world's leading design studios Design 3. Design view of this studio is a modern interpretation of the classic advantages of German design: simplicity, functionality and ease of use. This collection is full of vitality and, of course, represents a new standard of design in it's class. The product line includes ceramics, mixers, accessories, furniture and wellness.

It is impossible not to note two collections created in a completely different style directions - Bliss L and Spirit, which create a unique space in the bathroom with a vivid personality. Spirit inspires with fresh modern design, reflecting the latest trends of the present day, while Bliss L pleasantly surprises with intricately rounded and solid shapes. Both collections offer the consumer the products, which make a perfect match in design, are manufactured from high-quality materials, combine functionality and advanced technologies.

Spirit is the younger brother of the bestselling collection Inspire and another creation from the studio Design 3 (Hamburg), an alliance that brought AM.PM the highest number of awards in the field of design. This brutal and spectacular product line will bring a fresh, young and contemporary style to the bathroom of any size. The collection includes everything you need for the bathroom: from practical shower enclosures and perfect ceramics to modern colors of elegant furniture and extremely fashionable mixers.

Most family-oriented Bliss L collection combines the familiar and understandable design with extraordinary large shapes. This collection has everything you could possibly need in the bathroom: shower cabins, enclosures and bath tubes, sanitary ceramics and furniture of different colors and sizes, full line of mixers and accessories. The special nature of Bliss L is expressed in details - whether it's handle design, increased width of furniture facades or expressive lines of ceramics.

The opening ceremony of AM.PM showroom started with the speeches of AM-PM chairman of board of directors and the head of Ferox Guofan distribution network. The event was attended by designers, well-known in Shanghai, partners and friends of the company.

The opening of the showroom was conducted by famous TV showman Steven Weathers, who opens and accompanies AM PM events every year.

After the official ceremony all guests were invited to the event to celebrate the opening of the showroom, where every guest could feel the spirit of Eastern Europe.

Showroom in CoolDocks became the first showroom AM.PM in China. There are already existing AM.PM showrooms in headquater offices in Germany and St. Petersburg.

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